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Anna Vissi Videos!
682 αναγνώστες


Video Title: "Anna vissi & kaiti garbi - kalutera oi duo mas"

Description: "Videoclip version 1"
Video Title: "Anna vissi - akoma mia"

Description: "Anna vissi - akoma mia ["once more"]"
Video Title: "Anna vissi - amazing performance at eurovision 2006"

Description: "Anna vissi sang her heart out at the eurovision 2006 and made greece proud...anna vissi is in a class all her own...her signature performance was the best of the night...unfortunately like most eurovi..."
Video Title: "Anna vissi - dodeka"

Description: "Anna performing "dodeka" with her song writer nikos karvelas"
Video Title: "Anna vissi - eisai"

Description: "Anna vissi - eisai don't post any political nonsense, it will be deleted. go learn some real history, not some propoganda or words of ignorance your state preaches."
Video Title: "Anna vissi - eleni"

Description: "When youtube sold for $1.65 billion, how much did you earn? find out at weblo.com - http://wadn.weblo.com/7143c9b14c0bcb11/gateway?adi d=428c8b28b1104181"
Video Title: "Anna vissi - eleni live"

Description: "The greek ~goddess singing eleni live in cyprus. the song is about a young girl called eleni who died. this is a rough translation: your pale look, im looking at our photographs, how tired you were,..."
Video Title: "Anna vissi - everything (live eurovision 2006)"

Description: "The unique live performance of a famous artist in greece but also in other countries. this song (everything) was greece's contestand in the eurovision song contest 2006"
Video Title: "Anna vissi - everything video"

Description: "The brand new videoclip "everything" 2006 has now been released in advance of eurovision. this is the song anna vissi will perform (as voted by the people of greece) for eurovision 2006 in athens."
Video Title: "Anna vissi - kanenas"

Description: "Anna singing in revolution plaza - bucharest (romania) on 13th of april 2006. it was raining like hell, but since when can this stop people from going to see anna vissi ??? oh, the guys dancing with h..."
Video Title: "Anna vissi - kravgi (scream) se thelo"

Description: "This is one of my favorite anna vissi dance songs..what it needs is a a great dj to discover it and mix it well to some great house beat that makes use of its powerful vocals and greek/arabic sound......"
Video Title: "Anna vissi - magava tout"

Description: "Clip from the album "antidoto""
Video Title: "Anna vissi - misirlou"

Description: "Anna vissi - misirlou (preformed at athens olympics - 2004)"
Video Title: "Anna vissi - psihethelia"

Description: "Anna vissi montage video of concerts and a photoshoot in cyprus. this song is another great song by anna vissi...and she looks flawless in this video...anna vissi is a goddess"
Video Title: "Anna vissi - to poli poli"

Description: "Nice song from greek.anna vissi is perfect singer."

Video Title: "Anna vissi and makis christodoulopoulos"

Description: "Anna vissi in the 80's charming and humble as she sings 'pandremenoi kai dio' (married to each other)..with bouzouki great makis"
Video Title: "Anna vissi fun videoclip (remake)"

Description: "A home made video clip of song "oso eho foni" (as long as i have voice) from greek very popular singer anna vissi. anna we love you! note: song is copyrighted and all rights belong to ann..."
Video Title: "Anna vissi live five songs."

Description: "Anna vissi in concert "live" with "pes to xana", "aloimono aloimono", "kolokairia kai heimones", "an eina i agapi amartia" & "file mou"."
Video Title: "Anna vissi- call me"

Description: "Call me-videoclip #1@billboard's dance charts"
Video Title: "Anna vissi-romania 2001 ( 10)"

Description: "Anna vissi"
Video Title: "Eurovision 2006 greece everything anna vissi"

Description: "I can hear my heart breaking as i open the door i can feel the tears on my face burn like fire as i look in your eyes and i know i'm still in love with... everything i hate everything you do everyth..."
Video Title: "Everything - anna vissi"

Description: "The biggest rock hit of the esc 2006."


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